From signing up, securing your devices to starting the process and becoming Cyber Essentials certified can be as quick as you make it. Our record to date is 30 minutes from sign up to officially certified! 

After signing up you should select the "Certification" tab from the navigation bar. This is where you will find the official Cyber Essentials questionnaire with additional CyberSmart helpful tips and trick. From what the question is asking in plain English, to easy implementation tips for your organisation. 

As you answer the questions and work through the questionnaire, each tab will turn green, indicating what you have done and what needs to be done. You will continue to work through the questionnaire answering honestly until all tabs are green and you are ready to submit. 🙌

You will submit your questionnaire under the "Insurance" tab. Once you have submitted, all your hard work is done! We will then do our magic assessing your answers and will contact you within 24 hours with your official Cyber Essentials certification!

After the certificate has been issued, next time you log into CyberSmart you will be able to download your official report and badges you can use, as well as re-downloading your certificate. 

We will notify you near the time of your Cyber Essentials renewal, and since your account is already registered and your answers carried over, it will be even easier to re-certify! 🎉

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