If you using office 365, login and navigate to the Azure Portal. If not sign up for an account at https://portal.azure.com .You may be required to create a .onmicrosoft domain. 

1. Navigate to Admin > Intune > go to the Intune blade.

2. Navigate to Mobile Apps>Apps>Add App

3. Input the details of the app being deployed.

4. When upload is complete the app will appear as below;

5. Next, assign the application

6. Create a Group in Azure AD or assign the application to all users. We shall use All users and all groups and assignment type of “Required” for this demonstration.

7. Enrol a device in Micrsoft Intune


Once the device is enrolled in Microsoft Intune. The device need to sync so that the policies and any application deployed can be installed.

Go to Run> Type accounts.Click on + in Enrol in to Device management

8. Type your work or school account. Click Continue.

9. Click Done. This has successfully enrolled the device for Device management.

10. Reboot the computer.

11. Go to run >Type Enrol in to device Management. Double click on the account .Click sync. Click on Info to see the details.

Two devices have been enrolled.

The application appears installed in the device as below;

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