If your business holds any data, whether it is employee data, suppliers’ information or customer marketing records, the benefits of increased cyber security and data compliance are worth the initial investment. 🤑

Here are 3 reasons why your business will benefit from becoming Cyber Essentials certified:

1. Protect against 80% of threats

The main benefit of becoming Cyber Essentials certified is to protect your business from cyber-attacks and to ensure compliance with all current and future data regulations. The scheme prevents up to 80% of the most common computer security breaches. It aims to provide businesses with a strong base from which to reduce the risk from these prevalent, but unskilled, cyber-attacks.

2. Show your customers that you are taking cyber security seriously. 

By displaying the Cyber Essentials badge on your website, you show to your customers, partners and investors that you take the security of your systems seriously. This can be particularly beneficial if you are storing personal information (such as medical records or financial information), or hosting other commercially sensitive data. This shows your customers you take the integrity of their data seriously and builds trust.

3. Cyber Essentials Enables You to Bid for Government Contracts

In an attempt to improve cyber security in its supply chain, the government has decreed suppliers must be compliant with the Cyber Essentials scheme in order to bid for contracts which involve the handling of sensitive information and the provision of certain technical services. Not only does this defend the integrity of government information, it could even give your company a competitive advantage when bidding for public sector tenders.

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