Here is the full list of changes that have been introduced with the mobile version 1.0. They are split into 3 categories and this release totals 34 changes.

Task: 1 change

  • [CS-3291] - AppCenter: iOS build failing

Bugs: 23 changes

  • [CS-3325] - [iOS] [Android] Intro screen displays for a sec whenever the app is launched 
  • [CS-3326] - [iOS] App crashes on viewing the mp4 policy 
  • [CS-3344] - [iOS] Video policy keeps on loading when user clicks on cancel button after viewing it 
  • [CS-3353] - UI is broken in iPad
  • [CS-3367] - DUPLICATE - Unable to send magic link when user email is linked to BULK deployment
  • [CS-3373] - [Android] Error is showing on viewing xls/docx policy 
  • [CS-3384] - [iOS] App crashes on launching
  • [CS-3393] - [iOS] Change name of current "Mobile OS is up to date" to "Operating system secure"
  • [CS-3412] - [iOS] Issues in new build: 1.0 (338)
  • [CS-3413] - [Android] [iOS] Text is cropped on onboarding page
  • [CS-3291] - AppCenter: iOS build failing
  • [CS-3386] - [Android] User get logged out from app on pressing phone back button 
  • [CS-3411] - [Android] Issues in new build-1.0 (312)
  • [CS-3413] - [Android] [iOS] Text is cropped on onboarding page
  • [CS-3417] - [Android] Deep link is broken for android 
  • [CS-3292] - Android: Upon clearing cache for app, all image assets are deleted
  • [CS-3345] - [iOS] Policies are not aligned properly in policies tab
  • [CS-3406] - [iOS] [Android] Message should be user friendly when policies are viewed in absence of internet
  • [CS-3431] - [iOS] Displaying wrong error message on iOS app
  • [CS-3450] - Entering a non existing email fails on the mobile app
  • [CS-3454] - [Android] Displaying wrong error message on android app
  • [CS-3471] - remove react-native-code-push
  • [CS-3475] - Mobile app bug of not being able to log in - "Unable to access CyberSmart".

Improvements: 7 changes

  • [CS-3354] - Adding button + intercom capabilities 
  • [CS-3355] - Add Intercom SDK 
  • [CS-3357] - Drop organization id prompt page
  • [CS-3361] - Change onboarding text
  • [CS-3435] - "Mobile OS is up to date" check is currently checking if OS still received updates, NOT the intended purpose. 
  • [CS-3289] - Android: App should exit when back button is pressed on initial screen
  • [CS-3290] - Android: GIF's causing UI to lag

New Features: 3 Change

  • [CS-701] - Mobile app for iOS / Android - core functionality
  • [CS-2978] - Mobile app for iOS / Android - prototype
  • [CS-3318] - Offline support

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