Here is the full list of changes that have been introduced in the web version 1.8.2. They are split into 2 categories and this release totals 19 changes.

Bug: 14 changes

  • [CS-1535] - DPIA: displaying the graphics for "Risk overview", "Risk mapping" and "Action plan" doesn't work
  • [CS-1902] - Migrate 2017/8 -> 2019 Cyber Essentials and GDPR surveys
  • [CS-2495] - FieldError: Related Field got invalid lookup: icontains
  • [CS-3299] - Steps are not showing to fix the pin enabled of mobile device
  • [CS-3399] - Organisation Address in Pervade is not being populated
  • [CS-3409] - Unable to disconnect social sync
  • [CS-3414] - Log in required twice for Social Auth for first time users
  • [CS-3425] - Policy agreeable after updating policy to a new version
  • [CS-3434] - Pervade answers showing as "Unanswered"
  • [CS-3444] - Approved domains should not be able to be added twice.
  • [CS-3445] - Link in automated email (Certification awarded) is not working
  • [CS-3461] - Connected user name won't show in social account setting page
  • [CS-3462] - Error is shown on connecting Microsoft account in social account setting page
  • [CS-3483] - 500 error is coming on creating an org

Improvements: 5 changes

  • [CS-3349] - Weekly email status report to customer includes the renewal and original Cyber Essential dates
  • [CS-3372] - CE2019 survey - pull through location from companies house API
  • [CS-3430] - Is user moves from basic > pro then also upload_initial_policy
  • [CS-3438] - add 64-bit support for Android (required from August 1st 2019)
  • [CS-3485] - Chargebee update daily with changes to addon_quantity

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