Here is the full list of changes that have been introduced in the web version 1.8.5. They are split into 2 categories and this release totals 8 changes

Bug: 7 changes

  • [CS-3443] - When new organisations are created and set to bulk deployment, all admin's email domains should automatically go into "Approved Domains" (after passing domain validation on entry)
  • [CS-3456] - To investigate & Fix Chargebee double charging an end customer for certification
  • [CS-3492] - Smart Policy usernames accepting in different formats/cases
  • [CS-3502] - Template Does Not Exist error with a few users
  • [CS-3504] - TemplateDoesNotExist: partners/partner_form.html
  • [CS-3511] - InvalidRequestError: Sorry, we couldn't find that resource
  • [CS-3521] - AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'pk'

New Feature: 1 change

  • [CS-3473] - Adding device serial number to organisations that are setup with individual enrolment.

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