Here is the full list of changes that have been introduced in the web version 3.0.1. They are split into 3 categories and this release totals 28 changes

Bug: 20 changes

  • [CS-2330] - Incorrect timestamp (apparently) is showing on web-app
  • [CS-2557] - IntegrityError: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "billing_customer_pkey"
  • [CS-2846] - No steps to fix ' Full Disk Encryption is enabled' are available on web
  • [CS-3323] - Invalid characters. You can use only letters, digits and other safe characters
  • [CS-3415] - Organisation certification Status failed to change from "Awaiting Signature" to "Declaration Signed" (The internal name)
  • [CS-3448] - users are unable to re-enrol a user in manage users page
  • [CS-3468] - Duplicate App Installs are being created
  • [CS-3509] - InvalidRequestError: Sorry, we couldn't find that resource
  • [CS-3516] - duplicate mobile app installs are created
  • [CS-3522] - ChargebeeError: Sorry,there was a problem processing your card, please check the details and try again.
  • [CS-3527] - Task to update chargbee plans is never run
  • [CS-3531] - Exception/o/enrol/ Exception: Id is None or empty
  • [CS-3543] - [Android] [iOS] Agreed policy is showing in read section in device detail page
  • [CS-3548] - Build Server retry builds causing infinite loop
  • [CS-3562] - TemplateSyntaxError: Invalid block tag on line 9: 'static', expected 'endblock'. Did you forget to register or load th...
  • [CS-3563] - Certain pages, buttons, links and images are still in purple which need changing to our new colours - (blue)
  • [CS-3565] - Bug in production: Sending digital declaration via email "Not Found" error
  • [CS-3572] - AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'first_name'
  • [CS-3575] - Unable to select payment option when creating new account
  • [CS-3591] - Cannot generate declaration pdf for id: 730

Improvements: 4 changes

  • [CS-1127] - CE+ certification page changes
  • [CS-3465] - Allow bulk install organisations to add approved domains during onboarding
  • [CS-3525] - Show mobile links for individual and bulk download
  • [CS-3588] - Upgrade djangorestframework to secure version

New Feature: 4 changes

  • [CS-3116] - Partner Chargebee pricing models
  • [CS-3436] - Adding field in survey question backend which links questions from different surveys to push answers through
  • [CS-3535] - change all platform emails to use new CyberSmart branding
  • [CS-3555] - Create a NABLE RMM integration guide for the MSI desktop app

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