What is CB Assessment Dashboard? 

Our Certification Body (CB) Assessment Dashboard is a new way our partnered CB's can issue their own official certificates. We've created our own assessment dashboard where CB's can: 

  • View all of the customers questions and answers on one simple page with the marking scheme attached 
  • Use our automated verification system to ensure the customer passes
  • Ability to send specific questions with assessor notes back to the customer
  • Generate a preview of the report and certification 
  • Issue the report and certification

Why use this over Pervade?

This feature is an improved and streamlined process for how CB's currently do this. With enhanced UI and UX, this redefined method has proven to dramatically reduce time it takes from start to finish, minimised the CB's interaction with the client through automated verification steps and potentially increased revenue. So why use it? Some benefits are: 

  • CyberSmart does not charge you anything for this - It's completely free from us
  • The Customer and CB both use a single source (CyberSmart Platform) to answer, issue and download  certificates
  • Removed the CB's direct interaction with Pervade
  • IASME will only charge you once you've previewed the report - which has passed our automated verification system.

How do I use the CB Assessment Dashboard?

There are several steps from start to finish when using this feature. They are listed below and can be used as a step-by-step instruct manual. Here are the steps:

  1. You will now notice this new button on your partner dashboard. It will show the number of awaiting certificates within the button. Click on this button to enter your CB Assessment Dashboard. 

2. Here you will see all of the customers and certificates that are awaiting certification. Just click on the certificate you want to issue and a it will expand to show all of the questions and answers. 

3. To review the answers simply click on the category heading which expands to show the questions and answers, you can select individual questions to send back to the customer. Just mark them as "No" under the "Assessor Acceptance and add your notes under the "Assessor Notes" section. 

4. Once you have added your comments for all the answers you want to push back to the client, scroll to the bottom and click the "Send" button. This will send those specific questions back to the customer and temporally removed this certificate from your CB Assessment Dashboard.

5. Once the customer has re-answered the selected answers, you will be notified. Once you go back into the the customers account on your CB Assessment Dashboard, it will highlight in red the "RE-ANSWERED QUESTIONS". Here you can re-assess the answers. If they are now compliant, mark "Yes" under "Assessor Acceptance" and click the "Verify" button at the bottom of the page. 

If those questions are not compliant and you want to send back to the client, repeat step 3 & 4 above. 

6. Once all questions are compliant and you're happy to proceed. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Preview Certificate" button. This will take up to 60 seconds to generate and download the preview. It will automatically download the preview.

(In the background it is creating the customers account, pre-answering and submitting their answers in your Pervade - automatically) 

7. Once you are happy and ready to issue the certificate, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Issue Certificate" button. This will take up to 60 seconds and issue the official certificate.

(In the background this is issuing the certificate in your Pervade)

8. Once the certificate is issued, it will automatically upload the customer's certificate, report and allegeable badges to their CyberSmart account where both the customer and yourself and the CB can download these from. 

The average time this entire process takes is under 5 minutes (excluding sending back questions to the customer). CyberSmart uses this exact process to issue all certificates. If you have any questions, worries or more importantly feedback, please email us at hello@cybersmart.co.uk. 

Thank you for reading. 

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