This articles explains Software Discovery, which is one of the key features of CyberSmart in 2019. This would significantly strengthen CyberSmart's platform capabilities and offer additional value to its users. All organisations who hold   CyberSmart Pro apps would be able to access this new feature. 

Please read the section below to understand what this feature means, what purpose does it solve and how it does that.

What is Software Discovery ?

Software Discovery scans all the devices software across all machines in an organisation to detect software vulnerabilities and report them back on organisation's dashboard. These actions are performed through CyberSmart's desktop app which runs on each machine.

Why is it important? 

Software Discovery would now empower admins in the organisations to have access to security status of all devices in the organisation. This will provide one central place on the dashboard to view, assess and identify devices with vulnerable software and then take appropriate actions. 

How it works?

As part of Software Discovery, CyberSmart's desktop app, which sits on a machine, scans through all the available software on that particular machine. It then identifies each software version and runs that information against several databases to see if there are any known vulnerabilities. These findings are then highlighted and reported back on the desktop dashboard under a new reports page called 'Software Reports'.

Please note that Software Discovery is only available to CyberSmart Pro customers. Hence, all the customers with CyberSmart Basic app need to upgrade to CyberSmart Pro account, if they wish to access this feature.

Steps to Follow

Following are the few steps that needs to be followed to use this feature:

Step 1

Update  CyberSmart software to the following web and desktop versions:
Web 3.2.0
Desktop 3.0.3

Step 2

Login in to your organisation's Dashboard.

Step 3
Click on the 'Reports' Tab in the navigation bar. 

You should be able to now see a new Report sub-tab called 'Software Reports'. When you click on Software Report, you should be able to see the following screen.

The 'Software Reports' page has 2 Tabs - 'Packages with no vulnerabilities' & 'Vulnerable packages'

By default, 'Vulnerable packages' page is selected and on this page you should be able to see following details for vulnerable software : Status, Name, Version, Vendor, and device on which this vulnerable software is found.

Note: that this is a Beta version for Software Discovery and would have further enhancements coming in soon. We, at CyberSmart, would love to hear from you how you feel about Software Discovery.

If you have any questions or feedback, please drop us a email us at There's also instant live support available within your dashboard!

 Looking forward to hear from you.

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