This support article is designed to guide partners through CyberSmart's CertOS Dashboard and explain key actions they will are required to do.

On your CertOS Dashboard page, here you will see all questionnaires across three different columns. At the top of each column is a total that exists within each column.

  • Ready for assessment: Questionnaires which are ready and require your assessment, listed with the oldest at the top. Just click on the certificate you want to assess and it will take you to the next page.
  • Waiting for response: Questionnaires which one of your assessors have identified as requiring additional information and have pushed back to the client. The client will have automatically receiving an email to notify them they need to reanswer some questions. Once they do so, your partner administrators will be notified.
  • Certified: Showing all the certified questionnaires which your assessors have deemed as compliant through your lifetime on the platform.

Step 1: Review a questionnaire

  1. From the CertOS Dashboard page, click on the questionnaire in the ready for assessment column which you would like to review.
  2. Click on the "EXPAND ALL" button on the right-hand side, or click on each category heading to expands and reveal the questions. Here you will be able to see the questions with the customer's answers underneath.

Step 2: Ask the customer for additional information

  1. Find individual questions to want to push back to the clients. Click on the "Add" button under the "Request clarification" column and add text justifying why you are pushing this question back to the customer.
  2. Once you have added your comments for all the answers you want to push back to the client, scroll to the bottom and click the "Request" button on the left-hand side. This will send those specific questions back to the customer and automatically notify them via email.

Step 3: Review re-answered questions

  1. You will be notified automatically via email once the customer has re-answers the selected questions and submitted it again for the review. That questionnaire will re-appear into the ready for assessment column.
  2. When reviewing the questionnaire this time, will be a new red section which houses all the re-answers questions, separating them from the rest of the questionnaire which you've already reviewed and deemed as acceptable.
  3. If you are unhappy with any of the new answers and want to push them back again, select the "Request clarification" button and add more assessor note. Then repeat step 2.
  4. If you are happy with all the new answers, click on "Accept answer" next to each question.
  5. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Verify". This will double-check the current questions markings against the certificates threshold and present you the automatic verification systems result.

Step 4: Issue a verification

  1. Once all questions are compliant and you are happy to proceed. Click the "Issue verification" button at the bottom of the page. This will take a few seconds to generate and download the questionnaire verification.
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