We practice what we preach and actually take security seriously. What we mean by that is that protecting organisations, users and their data is the backbone of our company. It's embedded within our culture and not just something we put on our privacy policy. 

We are continuously reviewing the effectiveness of our Information Security Management System and are ISO 27001:2013 certified.

We undertake regular third party security audits and third party penetration testing. This comes from the understanding that external perspectives are invaluable in securing against modern threats.

All staff have had references verified and background checks conducted. Security training is provided to ensure everyone stays on top of their game.

All devices are provisioned under Mobile Device Management (MDM) which allows us to ensure mandated security measures are in place including full disk encryption as well as remote tracking and wiping of lost or stolen devices.

We deploy all suitable measures to protect our office network including but not limited to: 802.1x authentication, whitelist only firewalls, segmented VLAN's and VPN's. 

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